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Children’s Book Project

Suzanne  -  Apr 03, 2018  -  , , , , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Children’s Book Project
Suzanne Methot and Toronto Green Community (TGC) are pleased to announce that they are joining forces on the Rivers Rising Book Project! This project responds to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Call to Action #62 by creating age-appropriate curriculum using Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods. Suzanne will write the text of the book, which will […]

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Seeing With Memory Education Resource

Suzanne  -  Jul 28, 2017  -  Comments Off on Seeing With Memory Education Resource
Kanien’kehaka (Mohawk) artist Shelley Niro has won two awards in the last few months. In February, she was one of eight artists awarded a 2017 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts for outstanding contribution to contemporary visual arts in Canada. The award comes with a medallion and a $25,000 cash prize. Then in […]

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CBC Radio One Appearance

Suzanne  -  Jun 21, 2017  -  , , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on CBC Radio One Appearance
As we celebrate the 2017 summer solstice, let’s flash back to last year’s solstice, when Dragonfly appeared in a CBC radio documentary reminding folks in Toronto about the city’s Indigenous history. Back then, Metro Morning host Matt Galloway introduced the piece with a note that “Toronto was once part of the vast Ojibwe nation.” We […]

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Guidebook For Reporting on Indigenous Peoples

Suzanne  -  Jun 19, 2017  -  , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Guidebook For Reporting on Indigenous Peoples
The Strategic Alliance of Broadcasters for Aboriginal Reflection (SABAR) has compiled a key terminology guidebook for reporting on Indigenous peoples, communities, and topics. Dragonfly was given a hard copy from our friends at Durham College in Oshawa, Ontario, but we’d recommend the online version, which is constantly being updated. It’s available on the SABAR website. […]

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Bee Nation Education Package

Suzanne  -  May 07, 2017  -  , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Bee Nation Education Package
Bee Nation was the opening feature at the 2017 Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival. The film, directed by Lana Slezic, traces the journeys of several Indigenous children and teens as they compete in the first-ever First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee in Saskatchewan and the national championships of the Spelling Bee of Canada. Dragonfly […]

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Book Deal News

Suzanne  -  Jan 24, 2017  -  Comments Off on Book Deal News
North American rights to Suzanne Methot’s non-fiction book, Legacy: Trauma, Story, and Indigenous Healing, has sold to editor Susan Renouf at ECW Press. The deal was brokered by agent Stephanie Sinclair at the Transatlantic Agency. Publication date is Spring 2018.

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Resources for Social Justice Education

Suzanne  -  Dec 21, 2016  -  , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Resources for Social Justice Education
Scholastic Canada has just released a new series of classroom resources for grades 4–6. These inquiry-based, magazine-style books focus on ethical citizenship, social justice, and sustainability in Canadian society. Each book in the series is bundled with a teacher’s guide and an accompanying website featuring videos and other resources. The Take Action series is based […]

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Human Library Project

Suzanne  -  Nov 29, 2016  -  Comments Off on Human Library Project
Suzanne Methot is taking part in the University of Toronto’s “Human Library” event on Friday, December 2, from 11 am to 3 pm at Hart House in Toronto. Billed as “real people, real conversations,” this event allows members of the public to “check out” human “library books” for 25 minutes of one-on-one time. This year’s […]

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Lessons In the Real World

Suzanne  -  Oct 20, 2016  -  , , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Lessons In the Real World
Here we are, Halloween time again – and retail stores are once again trading in racism and appropriation by selling Halloween costumes that allow people to dress up like “Indians.” However, as we saw with this fall’s national conversation about the Cleveland Indians name and logo, the tide is beginning to shift, as non-Indigenous allies […]

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Coming Soon – New Non-Fiction Book

Suzanne  -  Jul 05, 2016  -  , , , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Coming Soon – New Non-Fiction Book
Suzanne Methot has received a $12,000 Ontario Arts Council Works-In-Progress grant to complete a non-fiction book on intergenerational trauma in Indigenous peoples and communities. Legacy: Trauma, Story, and Indigenous Healing (the new working title) discusses intergenerational trauma at the individual, family, and community levels, with a focus on mechanisms of transmission and approaches to healing. […]

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