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New Resources on Social Justice

Suzanne  -  May 08, 2016  -   -  Comments Off on New Resources on Social Justice
Scholastic Canada has a new series of classroom resources for grades 4–6 that focuses on ethical citizenship, social justice, and sustainability in Canadian society. These inquiry-based, magazine-style books are designed for whole class study and students working in small groups. The “Take Action” series is based on inquiry and project-based learning and features cross-curricular connections […]

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Inuit Film on Trauma and Healing

Suzanne  -  May 08, 2016  -  , , ,  -  Comments Off on Inuit Film on Trauma and Healing
The CBC recently aired a film that deals with the issue of intergenerational trauma in Indigenous peoples and communities. The film is now available online, and you need to watch it. Tony: Back From the Brink, tells the story of Tony Kalluk, an Inuk from Clyde River, Nunavut, who was in conflict with the law […]

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The Textbook You Need To Have

Suzanne  -  May 08, 2016  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on The Textbook You Need To Have
Aboriginal Beliefs, Values, and Aspirations is an absolute must-have for educators, literacy practitioners, direct-service workers, community engagement workers, and anyone working with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. First published in 2011 to support the Ontario Native Studies 11 curriculum, and available in both English and French, the textbook was so well received that it […]

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Cree Student Named Rhodes Scholar

Suzanne  -  Jan 12, 2016  -  , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Cree Student Named Rhodes Scholar
The news went national in November 2015: Billy-Ray Belcourt, a 21-year-old Comparative Literature student at the University of Alberta, has been named a 2016 Rhodes Scholar, one of 11 Canadian students to receive the prestigious scholarship for post-graduate studies at Oxford University. What makes Belcourt’s award notable is that he is the first First Nations […]

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Costumes and the Colonial Myth

Suzanne  -  Oct 30, 2015  -  , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Costumes and the Colonial Myth
Welcome to October: the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has set up a National Research Centre at the University of Manitoba, the CBC is actually using the word “Indigenous,” and stores in Vancouver, Regina, Sudbury, and Truro, N.S., are selling Halloween costumes that allow people to dress up as a Warrior Chief or an Indian Princess. […]

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Classic Films on Power and Representation

Suzanne  -  Sep 21, 2015  -  , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Classic Films on Power and Representation
Welcome to the start of the new school year! To start September off in a good way, Dragonfly calls your attention to two short films, both of which highlight the ridiculousness of much of the “research” conducted on Aboriginal peoples. The first film, Babakiueria, is an Australian classic from the 1980s. Take a trip down […]

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Five Symptoms of a Culturally Unconscious Educator

Suzanne  -  Jul 06, 2015  -  , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Five Symptoms of a Culturally Unconscious Educator
Dragonfly recently came across an interesting post in the Educator’s Lounge group on LinkedIn. Co-authored by Kimberly McLeod, Academic Dean and Executive Director at Texas Southern University, and Wendy Mackey, School Administration Supervisor for the Halifax Regional School Board and adjunct faculty member for St. Francis Xavier University, the article discusses what happens when teachers […]

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Our Canada Project

Suzanne  -  Apr 28, 2015  -  Comments Off on Our Canada Project
Dragonfly is working with the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) to ensure that Indigenous perspectives are included in the Canada 150 sesquicentennial celebrations in 2017. The CRRF’s “Our Canada” project is a three-year project intended to engage Canadians in discussions and activities that heighten awareness, understanding, and respect for Canada’s diverse values and traditions. The […]

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The New National Discussion

Suzanne  -  Apr 24, 2015  -  , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on The New National Discussion
Justice Murray Sinclair, Manitoba’s first Aboriginal judge and the chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, says he wants all Canadians – not just politicians – to take part in a “national discussion” on how to improve the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada. “We need to change the way that people in […]

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Language Matters – Part 2

Suzanne  -  Jan 30, 2015  -  , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Language Matters – Part 2
In December 2013, the Canadian Museum of Civilization was renamed the Canadian Museum of History. This is important for several reasons, none of them good, and all of them related to the way Aboriginal peoples are positioned and understood in Canada. The Canadian Museum of Civilization has had several incarnations: it was first known as […]

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