What We Do

Dragonfly Consulting Services Canada works with educators, non-profit organizations, arts and culture institutions, and community groups to build understanding and awareness of Indigenous histories, perspectives, and experiences.

Our services include:

  • teacher professional development workshops
  • staff and volunteer team workshops
  • classroom/school visits
  • talking and conflict resolution circles
  • policy implementation, community consultation, and program development
  • student support services
  • customized curriculum development (elementary, secondary, adult learning)
  • customized resource development

Instead of relegating Indigenous peoples to an artifact-based past, Dragonfly’s unique approach locates Indigenous peoples and cultures in contemporary society, revealing the root causes of current challenges in Indigenous communities and showing Indigenous cultures as dynamic and adaptable. Indigenous pedagogy and ways of knowing are highlighted throughout. Non-Indigenous participants will break down myths and stereotypes and make connections between their own lives and the experiences, perspectives, and histories of Indigenous peoples. Indigenous participants will acquire positive self-identity and increased understanding of how to apply cultural concepts to everyday life and work.

All sessions are designed and delivered using a cross-cultural, anti-oppressive framework and a constructivist teaching and facilitation style that honours the knowledge of all participants. Consultations use inquiry-based learning and a non-deficit approach to encourage identity building and participant-led problem solving. Our talking circles are based on restorative practices that encourage connectedness, communication, and improved relationships.

Understanding equity and inclusion is about thinking, not training. By connecting across cultures and histories – by finding our commonalities – we can move forward together. By changing the conditions in which society operates, we create new possibilities for wealth.

For a list of past and continuing clients and projects, consult the Clients page. For more information on Suzanne Methot, Dragonfly’s sole proprietor, see the Bio page here. For more information on products and services, go to the Products & Services drop-down menu at the top of the page.


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