Why Dragonfly?

Dragonflies begin their lives in water. As they mature, they transform into winged creatures of the air. This is a powerful reminder of how we all must grow and change.

Dragonflies are nimble flyers, able to twist, turn, and change direction. They fly in six directions, including up, down, and backwards. This agility is key to their survival, and it represents balance and flexibility. In Cree culture, the number six is significant, as it represents the medicine wheel: the four cardinal directions plus up (sky) and down (earth). The dragonfly’s four large wings, which are kept flat when they are at rest, represent the four directions. Like humans at the centre of the medicine wheel, dragonflies see in 360 degrees, which symbolizes perception and the ability to see beyond the limitations of self.

The dragonfly’s shimmering colours are a result of their bodies and wings reflecting and refracting light. This is a reminder that humans can reflect the light of the universe in powerful ways if we choose to do so. If we let go of the illusions and assumptions that impede our progress, we perceive truth. Only then can we create a new vision, one that reflects the light in a different way.

Dragonfly’s work helps educators, community groups, arts and culture institutions, and non-profit organizations make a difference in our world.

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