Why Canadians Must Support Indigenous Sovereignty

Suzanne  -  Oct 26, 2013  -  , ,
In recent months, there have been protests against shale gas operations near Rexton, New Brunswick. Residents of the area have been trying to prevent an American resource company f...

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Art and the Art of Making Meaning

Suzanne  -  Sep 27, 2013  -  ,
The Ontario Native Studies Grade 10 curriculum “Expressing Aboriginal Cultures” was revised in 1999 and has been in use in the Toronto Catholic District School Board and in var...

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Critical Literacy and Media in the Classroom

Suzanne  -  Aug 12, 2013  -  , , , ,
Canadian media recently covered the story of Adam Shoalts, a McMaster University student who discovered a new waterfall on the Again River, which runs along the border of Ontario a...

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Female Indigenous Trailblazers

Suzanne  -  Jul 19, 2013  -  , , , , ,
Over the past few decades, feminist historians have successfully re-read and re-presented history from a female perspective, exploring a female viewpoint on history and demonstrati...

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Gender and Sexuality in Aboriginal America

Suzanne  -  Jun 18, 2013  -  , , , ,
Prior to colonization, Aboriginal cultures across the Americas understood that there was a gender spectrum, and Aboriginal societies featured at least three and sometimes four gend...

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Amanda Berry, the Media, and Her Mother

Suzanne  -  May 22, 2013  -  , ,
By now, you’ve heard about Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, the three Cleveland, Ohio, women rescued this month after years in captivity. What you haven’t heard...

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We Need To Talk

Suzanne  -  Apr 30, 2013  -  ,
Negative perceptions of Aboriginal peoples have increased in frequency since 2012, according to a new survey conducted for the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) and the Ass...

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Pop Culture, Power, and Privilege

Suzanne  -  Mar 07, 2013  -  , , ,
Dragonfly doesn’t watch a lot of TV, but we were waiting for a nerdy PBS documentary last week and happened to catch the tail end of the sitcom Mike and Molly. There we were, min...

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The Urban Aboriginal Reality

Suzanne  -  Jan 15, 2013  -  , , ,
A few weeks ago, The Globe and Mail published a story about the housing crisis on the Attawapiskat First Nation, with the headline “Why Don’t They Just Leave?” When Dragonfly...

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Art, Education & Social Change

Suzanne  -  Nov 26, 2012  -  , ,
Dragonfly moderated a panel session at last week’s ArtsSmarts 2012 Knowledge Exchange, held at the University of Calgary’s new downtown campus in Calgary, Alberta. Panelists Fr...

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