School With No Grades

Suzanne  -  Oct 15, 2012  -  , ,
Chief Matthews Elementary School in Masset, B.C., is going above and beyond the cultures-and-traditions approach to Aboriginal education. The band-operated school, which is on the ...

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‘Toronto’ Is An Iroquois Word

Suzanne  -  Aug 20, 2012  -  , ,
At many gatherings in Toronto, people acknowledge that they are on “Mississauga territory.” That didn’t happen 20 years ago, and that makes it a good thing – non-Aboriginal...

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Chemicals and Their Effect on Children

Suzanne  -  Jul 31, 2012  -  ,
The headline on a recent article in The Globe and Mail says it all: “Detergent Pods Have Poison-Control World on Edge.” The article details how detergent pods – concentrated ...

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Looking, Listening, and Learning

Suzanne  -  Jul 04, 2012  -  , ,
Dragonfly recently attended a town hall event sponsored by a federal political party. During the event – which was organized to gather ideas on urban Aboriginal policy – the sp...

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Significance of the Summer Solstice

Suzanne  -  Jun 14, 2012  -  , ,
The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and the shortest night. It’s a transformational point in the Earth’s journey: after the solstice, the days get shorter, and ...

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Why Celebrate the Full Moon?

Suzanne  -  May 28, 2012  - 
The universe exists in a state of balance, and we are surrounded by those energetic counterparts – light and dark, male and female, increase and decrease, passive and active, col...

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Sagkeeng’s Finest Win Canada’s Got Talent

Suzanne  -  May 15, 2012  -  ,
Three Anishinabe teens from the Sagkeeng First Nation in southern Manitoba won the inaugural season of Canada’s Got Talent (CGT) this week. Dallas Courchene, 16, Brandon Courchen...

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Challenging Assumptions in Aboriginal Education

Suzanne  -  May 10, 2012  -  , ,
Trustees for the Vancouver School Board voted 7-2 at a recent meeting to create an Aboriginal-focused school. The school, located on the city’s east side (where there is a high p...

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CRRP Versus Education Funding Models

Suzanne  -  May 04, 2012  -  ,
There are no secondary schools on most reserves in Canada, so First Nations students must leave their reserve if they want to achieve a high-school diploma. Rather than attend publ...

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Restorative Practice: The Importance of Circles

Suzanne  -  May 03, 2012  - 
As Dragonfly writes in the Resources section of this website, circles are a potent symbol in both practical and symbolic terms within Aboriginal cultures. When participants in any ...

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