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As we celebrate the 2017 summer solstice, let’s flash back to last year’s solstice, when Dragonfly appeared in a CBC radio documentary reminding folks in Toronto about the city’s Indigenous history. Back then, Metro Morning host Matt Galloway introduced the piece with a note that “Toronto was once part of the vast Ojibwe nation.” We are happy to note that this year – as Metro Morning was doing a live broadcast from Toronto City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square – the reference was corrected to reflect Toronto’s true history: as Huron-Wendat, Haudenosaunee, and Mississauga territory.

This, my friends, is what reconciliation is about.

In 2012, Dragonfly wrote a blog post in response to the oft-heard description of Toronto as “Mississauga territory.” Although technically not untrue — the Mississauga did sign the Toronto Purchase with the colonial government in 1784 — the story of Toronto begins long before European colonization. By prioritizing the Mississauga agreement, we ignore Huron–Wendat and Haudenosaunee ties to the land we now call Toronto — and we superimpose a Eurocentric frame of reference on what is included, not included, and valued in the discussion. CBC contributor Aparita Bhandari picked up on that post to create the 2016 documentary – and here we are, only one year later, with the CBC changing how it describes this place, and its history.

Reconciliation is a process, not a destination or end point. And this is what it’s about: listening, hearing, learning, and changing. Good job, Metro Morning.

Check out the CBC documentary here.

And if you want to check out the blog post that started it all, read it here.

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