Empower, Educate, Entertain – January 30-February 2, 2013 – Toronto

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Dragonfly is presenting a session entitled “Libraries and Community Engagement” at the Ontario Library Association’s 2013 Super Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The session will include discussion on the difference between community engagement, community development, and community-led service planning; the principles of community engagement; what community engagement means for libraries and librarians; techniques for engaging community(-ies); cultural considerations and competencies; and strategies for community engagement. Learn why “How can we increase support for and use of the library?” is the wrong question to ask and why “outreach” is a problematic term. Consider the concept of empowerment within Aboriginal communities, and how on-reserve libraries can relate individual and community empowerment to their mission and goals. Learn how library programming and collections can connect to advocacy. This session will also include a supplemental presentation on engaging Aboriginal elders through the use of elders’ circles.

The Ontario Library Association is Canada’s largest library organization, and the annual Super Conference is Canada’s largest continuing education event in librarianship. The Super Conference features leading speakers, internationally prominent library specialists, appearances by leading Canadian authors, and the country’s largest library tradeshow.

For registration information, visit the Ontario Library Association website.

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