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Suzanne Methot’s features, profiles, book reviews, guest columns, and arts stories originally appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Geographic, Windspeaker, Ontario Birchbark, Toronto Powwow, Aboriginal Voices, and Quill & Quire. The following features highlight recommended resources, information on Aboriginal arts and culture, urban Aboriginal issues, and dispatches on equity issues such as gender discrimination and access to healthful, affordable food.

  • The Big Smoke: Feeling Aboriginal in the City

    Aboriginal cultures are inexorably tied to the land, so feeling at home in Toronto is as easy as stepping outside. Pedal down to the Martin Goodman Tr...

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  • Tomson Highway: Restoring the Goddess

    Tomson Highway loves women. At the moment, he’s sweet-talking Maggie the waitress, and Maggie is having none of it. “You want a receipt,”...

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  • Lives of Girls and Women

    When Shauna Singh Baldwin was born, her mother received telegrams, and they all said pretty much the same thing: poor thing, you had a girl. Don’t w...

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  • The Art of George Littlechild

    George Littlechild, one of Canada’s most accomplished artists, says that blood memory – that innate sense of identity, of place and purpose, that ...

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