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Suzanne Methot’s features, profiles, book reviews, guest columns, and arts stories originally appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Geographic, Windspeaker, Ontario Birchbark, Toronto Powwow, Aboriginal Voices, and Quill & Quire. The following features highlight recommended resources, information on Aboriginal arts and culture, urban Aboriginal issues, and dispatches on equity issues such as gender discrimination and access to healthful, affordable food.

  • The Iceman In Canada’s Closet

    Talk about a skeleton in the closet. Euro-Canadians have a big, big secret: they seem unaware of their Aboriginal origins in Europe. The proof is in t...

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  • Dionne Brand: She’s a Wanderer

    Dionne Brand’s new house is blindingly, glaringly white — the walls, the appliances, the cupboards, the counter, the fixtures, the floor. ...

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  • Farm-Fresh Flavours in the Concrete City

    Joy Warwick hands her 5-year-old son, Nobu, a litre basket of wild blueberries at the Riverdale Park West farmers’ market, and watches him dig i...

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  • Keeping a Language Alive

    Prior to colonization, there were 11 Aboriginal language families in Canada, and more than 50 different languages. Today, however, only one-quarter of...

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