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Suzanne Methot’s features, profiles, book reviews, guest columns, and arts stories originally appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Geographic, Windspeaker, Ontario Birchbark, Toronto Powwow, Aboriginal Voices, and Quill & Quire. The following book reviews highlight recommended resources and a variety of issues including politics, history, treaty negotiations, resource exploration, racism and victimization, anthropology, feminism and identity, residential schools, addictions and healing, crime and justice, land and identity, and the roots of protest.

  • Citizens Plus: Bridging the Divide

    Citizens Plus: Aboriginal Peoples and the Canadian State Alan C. Cairns (UBC Press) Alan C. Cairns has completed a remarkable and well-researched stud...

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  • Insider’s Look at Treaty Negotiations

    Spirit Dance at Mezidian: Joseph Gosnell and the Nisga’a Treaty Alex Rose (Harbour Publishing) Alex Rose’s Spirit Dance at Meridian is a short...

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  • Canada’s Dirty Diamond Trade

    Rogue Diamonds: The Rush for Northern Riches on Dene Land Ellen Bielawski (Douglas & McIntyre) Rogue Diamonds begins right where it should: on the...

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  • Starlight Tour

    The Last, Lonely Night of Neil Stonechild Susanne Reber & Robert Renaud (Random House Canada) On November 29, 1990, Cree teenager Neil Stonechild ...

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  • A Recognition of Being

    Reconstructing Native Womanhood Kim Anderson (Second Story Press) Women, with few exceptions, once held a great deal of power in Aboriginal societies....

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  • Bones: Discovering the First Americans

    Elaine Dewar (Random House) Bones is about beginnings – specifically, the beginning of human habitation in the Americas. The official story says th...

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