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Suzanne Methot’s features, profiles, book reviews, guest columns, and arts stories originally appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Geographic, Windspeaker, Ontario Birchbark, Toronto Powwow, Aboriginal Voices, and Quill & Quire. The following book reviews highlight recommended resources and a variety of issues including politics, history, treaty negotiations, resource exploration, racism and victimization, anthropology, feminism and identity, residential schools, addictions and healing, crime and justice, land and identity, and the roots of protest.

  • Cree Chiefs in Changing Times

    Indian Fall: The Last Great Days of the Plains Cree and the Blackfoot Confederacy D’Arcy Jenish (Viking/Penguin Canada) In 1892, Cree leader Pia...

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  • Earliest Mi’Kmaq Autobiography

    Tracking Doctor Lonecloud: From Showman to Legend Keeper Ruth Holmes Whitehead (Goose Lane Editions) Tracking Doctor Lonecloud is a short book, but it...

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  • Strong Women Stories

    Native Vision and Community Survival Kim Anderson & Bonita Lawrence, eds. (Sumach Press) Strong Women Stories picks up where Kim Anderson’s last...

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  • The Abduction of First Nations Children

    Stolen From Our Embrace: The Abduction of First Nations Children and the Restoration of Aboriginal Communities Suzanne Fournier & Ernie Crey (Doug...

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  • Thomas King’s Truth About Stories

    The Truth About Stories Thomas King (House of Anansi Press) Before he became the respected author of such books as Green Grass, Running Water, Thomas ...

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  • A Short History of Indians in Canada

    Thomas King (HarperCollins) This collection of short stories should be a slow read — these are small stories, so readers should take time in bet...

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