Classroom/School Visits

Book a half day (three hours) or a full day (six hours). Watch as students deconstruct myths and stereotypes, explore new ideas, consolidate learning, and make connections between their lives and the histories, perspectives, and experiences of Aboriginal peoples. Dragonfly can visit one classroom, several classrooms, or combined classrooms in the library or other suitable space. All visits include a debrief with classroom teachers. Dragonfly researches your school and school community to customize delivery.

All classroom/school visits are linked to specific expectations within the Ontario curriculum, integrated across at least two subject areas, and delivered using inquiry-based methods and strategies for teaching and learning. Activities are hands-on or arts-based, and tailored to various learning styles. Accommodations or modifications can be arranged on request.

You may mix and match any combination of the choices below within your half-day or full-day booking. Dragonfly will also custom design sessions at no extra cost. Student sessions may also be combined with teacher professional development workshops. Click on the + sign for full session description.

Aboriginal Dance

Students will examine the Aboriginal round dance as a way in which Indigenous heritage is passed on through community celebrations and events, compare some of the past and present traditions and celebrations of Indigenous peoples in their local community, and identify some of the main reasons for changes in these traditions. Students will also consider some of the challenges facing Indigenous peoples and communities, and measures taken to address these challenges, such as the Idle No More movement. Students participate in a “flash mob” round dance as a culminating activity!

Creating a Classroom Community

In this character education session, students will examine the Seven Sacred Teachings – the virtues of love, respect, courage, honesty, humility, wisdom, and truth – to gain an understanding of how to build empathy and compassion and how to create and maintain relationships with others. Students will also learn about wampum belts and how the Haudenosaunee used wampum belts as a way to make contracts and agreements. Students create their own wampum strings as a culminating activity!

Aboriginal Peoples in Media and Pop Culture

Students will examine media and pop culture images of Aboriginal peoples and cultures, examine myths and stereotypes about Aboriginal peoples, deconstruct loaded terms, strengthen their visual literacy skills, and develop an understanding of contemporary Aboriginal realities. Students will take part in a classroom debate as a culminating activity!

Aboriginal Science and Medicine

Students will explore Aboriginal perspectives on health and wellness, the impact of human activity on the environment, the positive and negative effects of contact on Aboriginal healing traditions, and plant-based science and medicine. Students participate in an herbal tea-tasting event as a culminating activity!

Aboriginal Hiphop: The New Oral Tradition

Students will examine pre-contact oral texts and contemporary Aboriginal hiphop to create an understanding of the similarities and differences between ancient and contemporary forms. As a culminating activity, students will create their own identity-building poem or hiphop rhyme using a unique line-by-line process that connects them to their community, experiences, feelings, and future goals.

Tipi Teachings

In this character education session, students will examine the Tipi Teachings of the Plains Cree to gain an understanding of how to build strong families and communities by nurturing the four aspects of the self (physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual). Students will build their own mini-tipis and create their own life goals as a culminating activity!

Entering the Eighth Fire

Students will examine ethics, migration, colonialism, assimilation, cultural revitalization and other themes through an in-depth consideration of the Anishinabe Story of the Seven Fires. As a culminating activity, students will create their own ending to the Story of the Seven Fires, identifying what they want the world to look like as we enter the Eighth Fire.


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