Customized Resource and Curriculum Development

Customized Resource Development for Non-Profit Organizations, Labour Unions, Arts and Culture Institutions, and the Government/Public Sector

Dragonfly employs a unique 24-step process to help your school, organization, or institution develop resource materials to assist staff, volunteers, and executive, board, or committee members with building equity and inclusion into programs and settings on an ongoing basis. By creating a customized written resource that applies to your organization/institution or sector, staff and volunteers will be able to engage in ongoing learning, evaluation, and planning to meet hiring, programming, and other needs.

Customized Classroom and School Library Resource Development

Dragonfly employs a unique four-step process, working with students, teachers, and/or community members to write, illustrate, and publish a hardcover book created by you! Create something meaningful that you can use in the classroom or library for years to come. This is an empowering process where participants learn new skills and gain new understanding while validating their existing knowledge and experience. A real book, an impressive result!

Customized Curriculum Development (Elementary, Secondary, Adult Learning)

Dragonfly employs a unique 12-step process that provides you with culturally relevant and responsive curriculum ready for delivery in your classroom or program. Unit plans, lessons, activities, and teaching strategies are thematic and connected to either the Ontario curriculum or literacy and basic skills levels. Rubrics and other evaluation tools are included.

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