Student Support Services

Dragonfly helps you overcome the shortage of resources, issues of entry into marginalized communities, and issues of ethnocentrism (institutional and community-based) by delivering culturally relevant and responsive services to Aboriginal and other marginalized students. These services ensure that traumatized, marginalized, and colonized children and youth do not “fall through the cracks.” They build equity and inclusion in your school or program, and they promote student self-regulation, collaborative problem-solving, and ownership of process and outcome. Students will build identity, engage in critical thinking, make connections, and reposition themselves as agents of change in both the individual and collective sense.

Services for individuals and groups include:

  • lay counselling
  • talking and conflict resolution circles
  • post-suspension reintegration
  • extra-curricular group programming
  • independent study

Dragonfly customizes services by researching your school, school community, and board. Services are conceptualized and facilitated using non-deficit frameworks, Aboriginal knowledge-based approaches such as the 4 Rs (respect, responsibility, reciprocity, relationships), and best practices for Aboriginal and equity education.

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