Talking Circles

Everything in the universe is a circle: the Earth is round, as are the sun, moon, and planets; the movement of the sun and moon is circular. The seasons form a circle. Circles are a part of the natural order of creation, a symbol of completeness, and a primary tool for teaching, learning, ceremony, problem solving, and discussion. In a Talking Circle, participants gather in a circle and take turns speaking, creating a safe environment for people to share their feelings, ideas, and experiences. This builds understanding, strengthens bonds, promotes healing, and helps people work through conflict or differences.

Book a Talking Circle for your classroom, school, organization, institution, or program, and Dragonfly will apply the ancient wisdom of the circle to assist you with communications, goal-setting, governance, volunteer management, staff retention, strategic planning, community wellness, or conflict resolution. Circles are conducted using the 4 Rs – the Cree lifeways of respect, responsibility, reciprocity, and relationships – and facilitated to validate the knowledge and experience of all participants. Outcomes include greater trust among participants, improved communication, reduced stress, increased safety, reduced conflict, a sense of connectedness and responsibility, collaborative ownership of process and outcome, and improved relationships. This is the original “restorative practice”!

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