‘Toronto’ Is An Iroquois Word

Suzanne  -  Aug 20, 2012  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on ‘Toronto’ Is An Iroquois Word
At many gatherings in Toronto, people acknowledge that they are on “Mississauga territory.” That didn’t happen 20 years ago, and that makes it a good thing – non-Aboriginal people are beginning to understand the history of Canada from another perspective, and Aboriginal peoples are regaining a sense of their own history, as well as the […]

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More Than Just Beads and Feathers

Suzanne  -  Apr 19, 2012  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on More Than Just Beads and Feathers
Graphic artist Jason Eagle Speaker calls himself “half buffalo ndn and half salmon ndn.” Let Dragonfly translate that for you: Jason is half Blackfoot and half Duwamish, with ties to the Muckleshoot Nation. The Blackfoot live on the Plains and, before the animals were exterminated, were renowned buffalo hunters. The Duwamish live in the area […]

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