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The Reading List

Suzanne  -  Feb 25, 2014  -  , , , ,  -  Comments Off on The Reading List
Dragonfly often gets asked for book recommendations or a reading list. People want to know what book they should read to learn about Aboriginal peoples and cultures, what book will give them details on certain Aboriginal experiences (such as residential schools), or what book will lay out Aboriginal perspectives on an issue or subject. There […]

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Female Indigenous Firsts

Suzanne  -  Jan 31, 2014  -  , , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Female Indigenous Firsts
Wilfred Laurier University student Sally Simpson has updated her list of Aboriginal women trailblazers. First released last year as part of her scholarly research, Simpson continues to add to and revise the list. It now contains 92 entries detailing the accomplishments of Aboriginal women in all walks of life, from academia, justice, policing, arts, and […]

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“Make It Visible” Indigenous Art Project & Display

Suzanne  -  Nov 12, 2013  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on “Make It Visible” Indigenous Art Project & Display
Amnesty International Canada has a new campaign focusing on indigenous peoples in Colombia. According to the Colombia Constitutional Court, 34 of 102 distinct indigenous nations in Colombia are in danger of physical and cultural destruction due to armed conflict between insurgents, drug traffickers, the Colombian Army, other state security, and the state’s paramilitary allies; resource […]

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Art and the Art of Making Meaning

Suzanne  -  Sep 27, 2013  -  ,  -  Comments Off on Art and the Art of Making Meaning
The Ontario Native Studies Grade 10 curriculum “Expressing Aboriginal Cultures” was revised in 1999 and has been in use in the Toronto Catholic District School Board and in various Aboriginal secondary schools – such as the Keewaytinook Internet High School – since the early 2000s. This year, having finally received dedicated funding and attention, it’s […]

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Female Indigenous Trailblazers

Suzanne  -  Jul 19, 2013  -  , , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Female Indigenous Trailblazers
Over the past few decades, feminist historians have successfully re-read and re-presented history from a female perspective, exploring a female viewpoint on history and demonstrating the significance of women’s actions and choices. The interdisciplinary field of women’s studies has, for its part, explored politics, society, media, and history from women’s perspectives through a lens that […]

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Gender and Sexuality in Aboriginal America

Suzanne  -  Jun 18, 2013  -  , , , ,  -  Comments Off on Gender and Sexuality in Aboriginal America
Prior to colonization, Aboriginal cultures across the Americas understood that there was a gender spectrum, and Aboriginal societies featured at least three and sometimes four genders: men, women, men-women, and women-men. Men-women and women-men often entered into relationships with same-sex partners, which is why “two-spirit” has now become the accepted term for Aboriginal gay, lesbian, […]

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More Than Just Beads and Feathers

Suzanne  -  Apr 19, 2012  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on More Than Just Beads and Feathers
Graphic artist Jason Eagle Speaker calls himself “half buffalo ndn and half salmon ndn.” Let Dragonfly translate that for you: Jason is half Blackfoot and half Duwamish, with ties to the Muckleshoot Nation. The Blackfoot live on the Plains and, before the animals were exterminated, were renowned buffalo hunters. The Duwamish live in the area […]

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