Why Canadians Must Support Indigenous Sovereignty

Suzanne  -  Oct 26, 2013  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on Why Canadians Must Support Indigenous Sovereignty
In recent months, there have been protests against shale gas operations near Rexton, New Brunswick. Residents of the area have been trying to prevent an American resource company from drilling exploratory wells and carrying out 2D seismic imaging that will determine if underground shale beds contain so-called “natural” gas. If there is gas, SWN Resources […]

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We Need To Talk

Suzanne  -  Apr 30, 2013  -  ,  -  Comments Off on We Need To Talk
Negative perceptions of Aboriginal peoples have increased in frequency since 2012, according to a new survey conducted for the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) and the Association of Canadian Studies (ACS). Although six in every 10 Canadians have positive opinions about Aboriginal peoples, this number represents a decline from 2012, when 70 percent reported having […]

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