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Chemicals and Their Effect on Children

Suzanne  -  Jul 31, 2012  -  ,  -  Comments Off on Chemicals and Their Effect on Children
The headline on a recent article in The Globe and Mail says it all: “Detergent Pods Have Poison-Control World on Edge.” The article details how detergent pods – concentrated laundry products packaged in single-use packets that can be thrown directly into the washing machine – have caused numerous poisonings among children in Canada and the […]

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Looking, Listening, and Learning

Suzanne  -  Jul 04, 2012  -  , ,  -  Comments Off on Looking, Listening, and Learning
Dragonfly recently attended a town hall event sponsored by a federal political party. During the event – which was organized to gather ideas on urban Aboriginal policy – the sponsor MP said, “We need to get back to ‘doing.’ We know that Aboriginal children learn by doing.” Dragonfly hears this a lot, and unfortunately, it […]

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