Learning Circles for the Non-Profit Sector

Book a half day (3 hours) for $250 +HST or a full day (6 hours) for $400 +HST.

Sessions are delivered using a mixture of small-group activities and large-group discussion, using a mixture of direct instruction (because sometimes information is new), visual literacy (because we all have different ways of learning), object-based learning (because touching an object can open the heart/spirit to learning and change), and conversation (because everyone brings knowledge and expertise into the room). All sessions include a Q&A and take-home materials.

Below are some of Dragonfly’s most popular sessions. However, each session is custom designed at no extra cost to meet your organization’s needs and current work. Click on the + sign for full workshop description.

Reconciliation Begins With Knowing

Participants examine pre- and post-contact Indigenous history (including treaties and the Indian Act), discuss the connections between colonization/colonialism and contemporary challenges in Indigenous communities, learn about Indigenous cultural concepts, and create equitable environments that meet the needs of Indigenous peoples. The content and themes of this learning circle will depend on your organization’s work and current needs.

How Indigenous Peoples Transformed the World

Participants consider how the cultural, social, and political practices of Indigenous peoples in the Americas have made crucial contributions to contemporary democracy, government, medicine, agriculture, architecture, art, and ecology.

Building Leadership Capacity

This session for Indigenous staff and volunteers explores how colonization/colonialism has affected Indigenous peoples and communities, what it means to work within our own traumatized communities, how to negotiate conflicting identities (community member and staff member), and how to create an holistic practice that encourages transformation of self and community.

For questions, and to book, contact info@dragonflycanada.ca.