• Marvelous. Smart. Meaningful. Enthusiastic. Thoughtful. Helpful. Open-eyed. Teacher.
    (Hannah, Grade 4)
  • You are very knowledgable. Thanks for making us think.
    (Participant, ETFO Summer Academy)
  • Agghhh! You’re so logical and down to Earth!!
    (Courtney, Grade 5 – said in frustration, but taken as a compliment)
  • Suzanne came to our classroom and immediately shifted the project into a contemporary frame, dispelling some of the common stereotypes – including those held by teachers. We thought it was going to be a teaching from the past, like, ‘This was passed down from my grandfather,’ that maybe we’d already heard, something to do with nature or animals in some way. But she wrote a modern-day story for the kids. And the children have learned a great deal [about] relating to each other and relating to the world around them.
    (Teachers, Joyce PS, Toronto District School Board)
  • Suzanne’s enthusiasm and down-to-earth approach opened up important dialogue at our course. She had plenty of information to share and inspired us to continue learning after the course was finished.
    (Angie Ortlieb & Sarah McCaul, Summer Academy, Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario)
  • Suzanne is a fantastic facilitator and teacher. She is very generous in sharing her own experiences, knowledge, and values, but at the same time, she is a good listener who integrates everyone’s voices and opinions into a cohesive whole.
    (Victor Reyes, Program Manager, Sustainability Network)