• Suzanne has a welcoming approach that brings teacher candidates safely into a space of learning. With a new awareness about the effects of colonization on indigenous knowledge, they can be more inclusive, and can also begin learning from Aboriginal ways of knowing and experiencing.
    (Doug Friesen, Music Teacher, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, Toronto District School Board; Seconded Teacher & AQ Instructor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto)
  • Suzanne played a critical role in the coordination and facilitation of the day’s agenda, which was built around the Native Canadian Centre’s Native Bus Tour. With Suzanne’s first-hand experience with and sensitivity to Aboriginal issues, we were able to conduct a session between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal participants where everyone felt included and respected and at liberty to share their thoughts and discoveries. The day would not have been a success without the insightful and organized planning and facilitation Suzanne provided.
    (Paula Messina, Executive Director, Toronto Green Community)
  • “An outstanding and brilliant educator focused on meeting the needs of diverse learners. Suzanne’s commitment and dedication to the success of all students is unwavering. She possesses the knowledge, skills, and sensitivity for promoting equitable practices, and embeds inclusive strategies and principles into the curriculum and pedagogical approaches in an integrated and holistic manner. Her ability to develop culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy is remarkable. She is highly creative and has an insatiable curiosity, which drives her passion for education. Her enthusiasm and optimism carries through in all she does.”
    (Tanya Senk, Coordinator, Central Coordinating Office for Aboriginal Education, Toronto District School Board)
  • Fantastic presentation! Thank you!
    (Participant, ETFO Summer Academy)
  • I have to admit, I have never taught about Aboriginal peoples through a social justice framework. After this session, I have so many ideas about how to integrate the Social Studies curriculum with my Language and social justice inquiry focus. There is so much more to Aboriginal issues in education than required curriculum topics!
    (Participant, ETFO Summer Academy)
  • Very good approach to a large age range in a small group. Good at bringing them back on point, and high expectations for student attention.
    (Teacher, Dokis First Nation)